“I am now free of panic and anxiety attacks”

” You gave me help when I was feeling at my lowest point.  I was alone and feeling very vulnerable – and at the same time deprived of sleep as the result of my panic attacks.


With hindsight I think that what you gave me was a fresh perspective. You made me think about myself in a new way: to bring forward positives when before negatives seemed always at the front of my mind. You were offering me a menu in a way. I decided it was up to me to choose those elements most suited to me as an individual. As a result I am now free of panic and anxiety attacks. I have started to return to a normal sleeping pattern. And I am really, really grateful to you. You have been the vital ingredient in my recovery.”


John, Retired, Herts



“Steve was non-judgemental and very approachable therapist”

“I have always struggled with social anxiety although not very many people who know me are aware of this. Steve was non-judgemental and very approachable therapist who made me more comfortable with myself in social settings. I particularly liked Steve’s individual approach and techniques used. Thank you for all your help.”


Laura, Professional, South Coast



“Steve helped me identify behaviours I had never consciously recognised”

Steve is an honest, trustworthy and fun person, and a skilled professional. Within minutes, he helped me identify behaviours I had never consciously recognised, and I quickly found new ways to become more confident as a public speaker. I’ve made changes with Steve that can help me in business and life for years to come.


James, Teacher, London



“Steve helped change my life for the better”

Hi Steve,

Hope you’re well.

I just wanted to update you…

On Friday, I had a flu jab without taking any medication to calm me & without any tears at all! I’ve even booked in my 2nd pregnancy vaccination for 2 weeks time without any hesitation.

For me to do this without any medication at all really proves how amazing your treatment was for me.

Once again, I cannot thank you enough for how you have changed my life!

Have a great week!”


Laura, teacher, Middlesex

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