Stage fright? You’re in good company!

16 Aug

Feel there’s something odd about you? Something that makes you different and perhaps not good enough compared to friends or colleagues?

A BBC video blog “How the body responds to stress” shares how the body reacts to stress of the kind witnessed by some of the great performers the world has seen. You most definitely are in good company.

Stage fright. Sir Lawrence Olivier, thespian and model professional, frequently vomited prior to going on stage. Adele. Celine Dion.

So, the question is … if the greatest performers suffer extreme body stress when faced with public performing and public scrutiny, why are you any different?

Stage fright, performance anxiety, public speaking fears. All a consequence of the flight or fight bodily response. All very treatable by Cognitive Hypnotherapy.

Interrupt the pattern today and contact me for a judgement-free conversation on how we can work together.



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