Enough’s enough … give a presentation now!

20 Jul

The fear of public speaking affects many people, gluing them to their chairs and stymying careers,

no matter how unfulfilling their jobs or present situation may be.

“The human brain starts working the moment you’re born and never stops until you stand up to speak in public.”

Though you might think you could never do what those clever, inspirational speakers do, you can teach yourself enough about public speaking to untie the tethers that hold you back.

Public speaking is a learned skill, developed much like other skills, such as playing the piano or painting: over time, with practice and some guidance. However, because of fear, we often avoid learning opportunities, choosing to flee rather than confront the challenge.

I understand this. Avoidance was my way of behaving. When I was in university, I manipulated my class timetable to avoid public speaking such as telling my fellow students about my project. The one mandatory speech class became an exercise in memory.

I practiced my first speech so much I could say the words automaton-like, as if I had turned into a robot while walking to the front of the classroom. I was so nervous giving that first speech that when I finished, I did not remember actually saying the words. As they spilled from my mouth, it was as close to an out-of-body experience I hope to ever have.

Oddly, looking back now that I’ve conquered my fears, my public speaking difficulty seems to have belonged to someone else.

Cognitive hypnotherapy is a novel, researched discipline that looks to make use of specific areas of challenge called trance phenomena that drives our autopilot behaviour in all aspects of unwanted habits.

There is truth in that practice makes perfect but if you need your computer software updating, no amount of hammering the keyboard that will remove the computer code virus that’s causing your computer to malfunction. The same with you. My training has given me the techniques to target those ‘scripts’ that cause you to derail when you’re asked to stand up in front of a group and present. Essentially, the same as removing your computer virus.

Drop me a line and we’ll chat how we can get your life back to The fulfilled life you’ve always yearned for.


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