Growth mindset lowers anxiety

14 Jan

How we give our children feedback is directly linked to development of a growth mindset, studies now prove. Coaching clients in my Ruislip clinic continues to amaze me how helping clients adopt less of a fixed mindset of not being ‘good enough’ really does drive positive outcomes. My learning is, give praise where praise is due but be mindful, your positive intent may be undermined if you praise achievement rather than effort.

Why Goal Setting Doesn’t Work

21 Feb

We have all heard this advice: Set goals if you want to accomplish anything substantial. That advice comes from personal coaches, self-help gurus, management consultants, managers and executives and is deeply imbedded in leadership practices.


In organizations, “stretch goals,” or “haijry audacious goals,” as a management motivational and performance strategy, is widely practiced. Yet, there is evidence that goal setting may actually be counter productive if not a waste of time.

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