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Something is keeping you awake at night, an anxiety related to your career perhaps.


The anxiety and maybe, low

self-confidence could be stopping you from being fulfilled in your life, your career and with friends and family.


Hypnotherapy could help the effect this is having on your life. As a hypnotherapist I gain great satisfaction from helping those with anxiety take positive steps forward in their lives.  


At present, I offer cognitive hypnotherapy in Ruislip (near Harrow) Middlesex, Northwood & Bishopsgate in London to help everyday people, just like you. I know, because I have walked the same corridor of worry that you walk right now, and I get immense satisfaction from seeing the level of change that’s achievable.


By using the latest techniques, Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a brief therapy, meaning there’s a good chance it can make you more fulfilled, relaxed, happier and satisfied with yourself than you are right now.


Call me now for a free, confidential chat on how we can work together to help you live the life you deserve using hypnosis.


Have you wondered lately what your life would be like if you closed your eyes and experienced a different, more confident you? Whether it’s speaking up in work meetings or being more confident in social surroundings, a positive change in your life is entirely possible. 

What difference would this make to you?

Just imagine how much more fulfilled that would make you feel. How much happier you would feel and how others could notice a different you.


Whether it’s dealing with any of life’s issues such as your fears & phobiasan unwanted smoking habit, snacking on those not-so-healthy foods or the unhelpful thoughts that appear when low self-esteem shows up on your front door, I can work with you on trusted techniques to bring positive and lasting change to your life.

Take the first step by contacting me now for a free chat on how you can begin to live the life that you want to live.

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Hypnotherapy To Help You

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