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Is something holding you back in your career?


Does anxiety and a lack of self-confidence stop you from reaching your full potential?


Welcome to my site and to what I believe can be a fresh start for you.


If like me, you’ve found yourself trying to live a life that others want you to live, you’re in good company. But do we need to accept it? Not at all.


So have you wondered lately what your life would be like if you closed your eyes and experienced a different, more confident you?

Whether it’s speaking up in work meetings, being more confident in social situations or self-motivated to take on new hobbies and activities.


Just imagine how much more fulfilled that would make you feel. How much happier you would feel and how others could notice a different you.


Whether it’s dealing with any of life’s issues such as your fears & phobiasan unwanted smoking habit, snacking on those not-so-healthy foods or the unhelpful thoughts that appear when low self-esteem shows up on your front door, I can work with you on trusted techniques to bring positive and lasting change to your life.


Take the first step by contacting me now for a free chat on how we can begin to have you live the life that you want to live and deserve to live.

How Can Steve Help You

Fear of Public Speaking/ Exam Nerves

Most of us feel nervous if we are asked to stand up and give a presentation. It’s a common complaint especially in work settings, but for some of us, it can impair our career progression.

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Fears & Phobias

Do phobias or fears get in the way of your life when at work or when at home? Many people will have heard of spider or dog phobias or a fear of flying or having going to the dentist.

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Overcome Anxiety and Manage Stress

The body’s reaction to real or imagined danger, usually referred to as the fight, flight or freeze’ response is often the direct result of anxiety or stress.

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Increase Your Self-Esteem and Confidence

Those of us suffering from a lack of confidence can often be due to having an unrealsitc view of your self-worth and for many, this can lead to unfilled potential especially at work.

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Give Up Smoking

Have you found it difficult to give up smoking? Maybe you succeeded for a short time but you found smoking offered a ‘comfort blanket’ and you began smoking regularly again?

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Lose and Manage Weight

How often have you made some progress with losing weight only for you to then struggle to make it more enduring? When this happens, we often blame ourselves and end up eating more to console us.

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